Van Loveren Roadshow a Great Success!

Van Loveren Roadshow a Great Success!

We just completed a very successful roadshow for Van Loveren wine estate in Costco Japan. The customers loved the wines and we are, as always, so proud to present the world with South Africa’s outstanding value for money.

If you happen to be in Japan, make your way to Costco to catch the bargain of the year. Stock up on your sparkling wine (Papillon Demi Sec and Papillon Brut) for the coming festive season. And you should not miss the great deal on the limited edition Cab, Shiraz and Chardonnay of the acclaimed Christina Van Loveren range. These wines have won numerous awards and are selling out fast. Great wines to keep for special occasions and that memorable romantic evening.

On any other day of the week you will be happy about the Van Loveren Blackberry Cab/Shiraz. An easy drinking wine with hints of berries and overall delight. At the price it is selling at Costco you can invite all your friends too!


To view Van Loveren’s magnificent wines click here! 

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