Our Services

Facilitating the export process

As direct representatives, Access to Africa handles all marketing activities and communication between the supplier and the importer. Our function is to facilitate smooth collaboration, swift action, successful brand building and exceptional sales without compromising the direct line between source and buyer.

We liaise and negotiate with new and existing customers and suppliers. We also coordinate the order cycle and associated information systems. Furthermore we analyse data to monitor performance and plan improvements in advance. Our mission is to continually develop business by gaining new contacts, analysing logistical problems and creating solutions that work. An awareness of and strategic response to external influences, such as legislation, changing costs and environmental pressures, is vital to our success.

Marketing and promotion

Access to Africa supports a broad range of marketing activities, promote sales and create goodwill for our suppliers’ products among clients or prospects in overseas markets. We call on existing or potential clients, attend sales meetings, and stay informed about changes that might affect product sales.

Our marketing services and activities include:

  • Making forecasts on anticipated market sales;
  • Submitting reports of sales activity and maintain records;
  • Supporting advertising and communication programs designed to promote products or services;
  • Planning work schedules within limits assigned by our customers;
  • Working closely with company personnel to ensure prompt service to our clients;
  • Staying up-to-date with company contract procedures and product prices
  • Setting up displays and touring territories;
  • Preparing and making speeches at overseas dealers’ conventions;
  • Calling on individual buyers to advise on ways and means for increasing sales.

Trade shows

We regularly attend trade shows as visitors or exhibitors and work closely with consulates, embassies and trade offices around the world. Our capable staff is available to promote new products to test market demand at popular international exhibitions and initiate follow up communication to turn contacts into real sales. For more details, please contact us here.


We offer a consultation service to companies that have existing collaborations with overseas partners and do not necessarily require marketing and facilitative services. Our valuable experience in global trading and international business relationships can benefit your communication strategy and help you navigate the challenging waters of new markets.

To find out more about our consultation service offering, please contact us here.